Summer Reading

Have you picked your summer reads? The summers in Edmonton are brief enough, so it’s always best to plan. Whether you are travelling or staying at home, as long as you have something to read, then the world is a better place.
Here are a few of my summer reads. While my summers are always in part taken up with planning courses for the following year, I always manage to work in other reading. This fall, I’m teaching a course in nineteenth-century fantasy, which means I’ll be reading such authors as Lewis Carroll, George MacDonald, Edith Nesbit, and Rudyard Kipling. I’m also planning a speculative fiction course for the winter—thinking about a course on books about mars. With that out of the way, here’s my list.
I like to take on authors during the summer. A few years ago, I read the Dune books by Frank Herbert. This summer, it’s the Mars trilogy by Robinson. I’ve already read Red Mars, and now I’m onto Green Mars. These books chronicle the terraforming of Mars. They get frustratingly political, but I’m determined to read the series.
Over the past few years, I’ve read something by Guy Gavriel Kay every other summer.  Kay is a Canadian fantasist, who helped Christopher Tolkien edit The Silmarillion. This year, it’s Children of Earth and Sky. Kay’s books are always sweeping, and I would call them historical fantasy—not to everyone’s taste. However, he’s worth checking out.
I finally got my hands on The Empty Throne, the eighth book in the Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. If you like British history and blood and guts, then these books are for you. Cornwell is perhaps better known for his Sharp Series, which was made into a TV show, starring Sean Bean—you might also know him as Boromir.
And what would the summer be without a good YA series. Williams Heir Chronicles begins with The Warrior Heir. I came across this series about a month ago. I know nothing about it, but I’m going to dive in.
Those are a few of my pics for this summer. I’ll also be reading short stories, rereading favourites, and generally loving the long days of summer. Enjoy your summer, where ever it may take you.