A Blogging Reboot

Things have been quiet on the OfOtherWorlds blog for some time now. I’ve had to think hard about how I want to continue.
IN 2016, it was my intention to establish a presence with an author site in a better format. I managed to do that. I created a site with a variety of links and posted regularly. This past winter, I just ran out of steam, a state to which many bloggers can relate
So here we are, the beginning of June, and I think it’s time to start posting again. I will continue to post about writing and about books; I will post links to my own fiction and nonfiction; I will post about those things that interest me, that bother me, that continue to inspire me—in short, a curated collection of things that find their way into my world.
To get started, here’s something from the blog archive. I’ve actually written several stories about trees, but The Dream of the Tree holds a special place. It first appeared on this blog, and later I published it in Fractured and Other Fairy Tales, which I dedicated to my daughters. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A Blogging Reboot”

  1. Hah, I can’t relate at all to the “running out of steam” idea. Never happened to me, nope (cough, cough). Looking forward to your reboot, though!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate that. Maybe it’s called blogger’s fatigue. I’m sure most people have experienced it in someway.

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