Easter Bunnies and Other Critters

It’s impossible to avoid bunnies around the Easter weekend. No matter where you shop, chocolate bunnies stare you in the face. When my kids were young, we would organize a hunt for Easter Sunday morning, which would be followed by an Easter brunch. We planted clues around the house, and my daughters would have to follow the clues to find their Easter baskets. I put in a lot of work creating those Easter puzzles, but my kids always managed to find their baskets in short order. They were just too smart for me.
And the rabbits aren’t just inside the house this time of year. The live bunnies—properly hares—hop brazenly around my neighbourhood. Last year, I had a big buck hare that created a nest for himself in my front flower-bed. If I came down the sidewalk, he would grudgingly move, then wait for me to get lost before going back to his hollow. It’s around Easter that these hares begin to change colour, going from white to brown in the anticipation of spring. These critters really are fearless, which isn’t so good for them when the occasional coyote finds its way into the neighbourhood.
If you’ve had your fill of Easter bunnies, and you are looking for something new to read to kids or grandkids, I would recommend Burra Nimu, the Easter Bilby from Australia. What is a bilby? You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. My daughter put me onto this story last year, and it’s one worth adding to your Easter traditions. However you celebrate Easter, enjoy, and spread the love of story.