Bridges, A New Story this Month

Like many Edmontonions, I have a complex, confusing, and often resentful attitude toward the place I live. However, I’m less concerned with resolving these feelings than using them to write fiction.
My friend Tom Wharton posted a piece on his website about setting stories in Edmonton. You can read it here. He always encourages his creative writing students to write about this place in all its bifurcated glory. If you don’t know the city, it’s divided by the North Saskatchewan River, which makes it more two cities than one.
Here’s my latest story about Edmonton that features the High Level Bridge. Bridges appeared this month in Literary Orphans. Thanks to Scott Waldon and the people at the magazine for picking up the story.
If you live in Edmonton, you will understand Bridges in a particular way. If you don’t, I hope you can still appreciate the story.