A New Venue for Edmonton Writers

Next time you fly out of the Edmonton International Airport, check out the new Short Edition, short story dispenser. This project, conceived and organized by Edmonton writer #Jason Lee Norman, brings a range of Edmonton writers to a new venue in a new way.
If you want some stories or poems to read while you wait for your flight, you stand at the dispenser, make a selection, and the machine spits it out. I haven’t seen it in action, but apparently the dispenser works like an ATM. You will find a range of seventy-odd Edmonton writer’s from which to choose, including Jason Lee Norman, Thomas Trofimuk, Jessica Kluthe, and Don Perkins—and many, many more.
I have a piece in the machine as well, called “Superhero of the Supermarket.” Thank you to Jason for thinking of yet another way to promote Edmonton writers. His projects such as 40 Below and #yegwords Coffee Sleeves show his commitment to the city and its writers. Next time you check in for a flight, give yourself an extra few minutes, visit the dispenser, get yourself a couple of stories, and take a little of Edmonton with you.

6 thoughts on “A New Venue for Edmonton Writers”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to get a story from the dispenser. Do you know if they have nacho cheese flavoured ones?

    1. You never know. My sense is that you might get almost anything from this new story dispenser. Magical realism come to life.

  2. Thanks for the topical post and tribute to Jason Lee Norman; Edmonton would be a lesser place without all his creative endeavors.

    1. Thanks, Graham. Jason is definitely someone who works hard on behalf of local writers.

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