A New Piece, Traveling Blind

By nature, I’m mostly a hobbit. However, like Bilbo Baggins, I do travel, sometimes more than I want. And I mostly travel alone, which means I rely on the kindness and assistance of people who work for airlines and in airports. And these people are amazing—helpful, good natured, efficient, and friendly. I couldn’t travel the way I do without them.
“Traveling Blind” is a nonfiction piece about getting there—where ever that is. I hope you find it funny, in a neurotic sort of way. The piece first appeared in Wanderlust Journal, and I want to thank Sarah Leamy for being interested enough to accept it for publication. Enjoy the piece, and make sure to check out the magazine.

4 thoughts on “A New Piece, Traveling Blind”

    1. Angelika. Glad you liked the piece. Flying can be difficult for all kinds of reasons. It’s made significantly easier for me by a host of helpful people.

  1. Thanks Bill for this piece of writing. You say the people who help you on your travels are amazing, but also meeting you might might be amazing for them as well. It’s also good to hear the virtues of the people you meet so generously acknowledged by you, the goodness in human nature affirmed.

    1. Graham. Thanks for your kind words, although I’m not sure I’m the easiest traveler sometimes. As a note. This might have not come through in the essay, but so far, my absolute favourite descriptor for my white cane by an airport person has been “seeing-eye stick.”

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