My Hand at Writing Memoir

My first piece of nonfiction was published in Hippocampus Magazine last summer—a flash piece called “Q and A.” “On Smoking” is another first—my attempt at writing memoir. And I have Donna Talarico and the fine people at Hippocampus Magazine to thank once again for publishing it. You can read it here. Enjoy the piece, and make sure to explore the compelling nonfiction at Hippocampus.

Read In 2016 in Edmonton

This week is Read In week for Edmonton Public Schools. You can find out more by following the Read In link.
Read In 2016

Years ago, I told stories to my daughter’s grade 2 class, and the kids drew pictures to go with each of the stories. The magic of quilting brought those pictures together into something new. Share a story, and create a memory!

Celebrating fifty Years of Star Trek

September 8, 1966, saw the first episode of Star Trek, the Original Series air on NBC. If you’re a fan, there’s lots to see and do. If you’ve never understood why people love the Star Trek universe, check out a few episodes. All the series are available on Netflicks, and the Internet is full of sites devoted to Roddenberry’s creation.
Celebrate Fifty Years of Star Trek with Us!

Five personal favourites, in no particular order:
1. “Balance of Terror,” Original Series
2. “Violations,” Next Generation
3. “The Outcast,” Next Generation
4. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, motion picture
5. “Hard Time,” Deep Space Nine