Sites of Note

Noteable and noteworthy sites and blogs. Explore and enjoy!

Seen and Heard in Edmonton
Seen and Heard in Edmonton is the absolute best place to explore the blog and podcast scene in Edmonton. It’s the work of Karen Unland, who has devoted herself to showcasing new media in this northern town. Karen is a gem, and I want to thank her every time I get an email update. Check out her site!

Reading In Bed
Reading in Bed is a review blog, the work of Laura Frey, an Edmonton blogger and writer. Her site is interesting, informative, and often quirky. She has a passion for the Edmonton literary scene and everything Can lit.

The Salty Almond
Athena Raypold calls The Salty Almond a collective love letter to food. And it’s true! She is an Edmonton writer who combines her love of words, food, family, and community into a single place.

Thomas Wharton’s Homepage
Thomas Wharton is an Edmonton writer, who teaches creative writing at the University of Alberta. His work is eclectic and often unusual—from glaciers to time-travelling moose. Check out his site and explore the Perilous Realm, his young adult trilogy set in the land of Story.